Pawsitive Path Dog Services offers a holistic approach to training and relationship building. The intention of Pawsitive Path is to create an understanding between owner and dog, resulting in a strong, healthy and balanced relationship. Through innovative and progressive training methods and techniques, everyone can learn to develop a deep and meaningful relationship with their canine friends. Pawsitive Path focuses on communication, leadership and respect. By learning how to use touch, tones and body language you will understand how to create a balanced and healthy relationship with your canine companion. Pawsitive Path training bridges the natural psychology of canines and humans and brings them to a place of understanding, trust and love. The goal is to have clients be self-sufficient, confident and happy with their refreshed canine relationship.

Pawsitive Path invites you to learn more about creating and maintaining healthy and balanced relationships with your four legged friends. Whether it is basic obedience, complex behavioural issues or social skills you’re interested in, please feel free to contact Pawsitive Path to see what services best suit your needs.

Our Mission Statement

Pawsitive Path’s mission is to facilitate healthy communication between dogs and humans resulting in a balanced, loving and harmonious relationship.